The Leslie County Community Foundation exists to ensure a sound future for our community through the building of endowed funds and sustainable grant making.

“Helping Today; Saving for Tomorrow!”

Even as a young affiliate, LCCF believes that it can grow local assets significantly over the next 5 years.

Growth is critical if it is to achieve any level of success! There is a growing sense of charity in Hyden and Leslie County with groups such as Big Creek Missions and AmeriCorps being very committed to seeing a change for the better. This base will allow LCCF to grow the foundation even faster.



Joel Brashear, Chair

Andrea Begley

Tim Baker

Brian Overbee

Keisha Caldwell

Fred Brashear                                      Frank Baker

Angie Feltner                                       Jonathan Shepherd

Derek Lewis                                         Colin Smith

Ashley Standafer                               Matt Feltner

Mark Collett