The Appalachian Impact Fund (AIF) is a pioneering social impact investment fund that blends capacity-building grantmaking with investment capital for community economic development in the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky. By matching nimble early-state capital to overlooked entrepreneurs and neglected downtowns, AIF readies our communities for investment.


We Invest In:

Organizational Capacity

so that our communities have reliable and capable institutions;

Downtown Revitalization

so that our communities are geographically anchored; and

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

so that our people can transform human and natural capital into financial capital for the benefit of the region.



Our mission is to advance opportunities in the region that support economic diversification and build community capacity.


We envision a day when Eastern Kentucky is a place of unique thriving local economies that enhance the existing natural and cultural assets of the region and offer economic opportunity for all people while keeping ownership, assets and wealth rooted in local communities.



The Appalachian Impact Fund (AIF) is a project of the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky. For more information contact Lora Smith at lora[at]