Our mission is to be a catalyst for community collaboration and charitable giving; to create permanent endowment funds as a sustaining resource to improve quality of life and place in Eastern Kentucky.


"We work together to find the best ways to support initiatives that improve life for all of us — now and in the future."


The Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky will be a leading and trusted community foundation; transforming Eastern Kentucky through charitable giving, community involvement and strategic partnerships; investing assets in our communities for a strong, healthy, and sustainable region.


Family & Relationships
We value the sense of family and strong relationships that bind us into a responsive community.

We respect our rich history, our ancestors and the lessons from our past. Our future will be defined by our heritage, new people, and new ideas that we welcome into our community.

We value the natural beauty and resiliency of the mountains that provide protection, identity, tranquility, resources, and a sense of well-being.

We believe in the power of knowledge and the desire to learn through education, life experience and collective wisdom.