Our grantmaking is a primary way we support organizations that turn ideas into success. Since 2009, the Foundation has invested over $1,000,000 into more than 80 organizations to create positive change in five impact areas, including education, housing & family assets, culture & recreation, the environment, and health & well-being.

Grant applications are reviewed annually, and all tax-exempt organizations or organizations that operate under the fiscal sponsorship of a tax-exempt organization are encouraged to apply. Let’s work together to make our region stronger!

Challenger Learning Center

In 2015, the Challenger Learning Center won a $15,000 grant to expand STEM education to K-12 students across Perry County. Their project has a proven record of improving test scores, increasing college attendance, and expanding access to good STEM jobs.

Teach for America: Appalachia

Teach for America: Appalachia also received $9,000 to support recruiting and training of talented educators. These educators have massive positive impacts in our community, expanding far beyond the classroom.